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Welcome to Flower Road, where you will find medicinal grade essential oils, an all-natural, organic skin care line and the highest educational standards in Aromatherapy Studies. At Flower Road we believe what goes on your body goes in your body so we design every product to effectively infuse the body with the powerful healing properties of organic plant materials. Our handcrafted creams and elixirs are made once a month in small batches with our USDA-approved therapeutic grade essential oils and organic cold-pressed nut oils, organic bee’s wax and other aromatic raw materials to create the ultimate fresh nourishment for the skin.

Besides our dedication to the highest standards of education and organic raw materials, we are also committed to using FairTrade ingredients when available and we never add synthetics and/or preservatives to prolong the shelf life. At Flower Road, a woman owned company, we act environmentally responsible – cultivating animal and cruelty-free products while employing minimal packaging of recycled and recyclable materials.

Use Flower Road products with confidence and ease.

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