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In June 1999, Michelle had the opportunity to go to the Languedoc Region of France to take a workshop with Aromatologist, Patrick Collin, N.D. Not knowing what was ahead, Michelle began a journey that would lead her to her life’s work and passion.

That first learning experience and spiritual awakening sparked a fire in Michelle that lead to a naturopathic education spanning the course of 10 years, 30 plus trips to France and a personal commitment to living a more natural life and helping others find health, naturally. Ultimately, it was the combination of the contemporary modality of aromatherapy and the ancient knowledge of the Hippocratic Temperaments that was the inspiration for creating Flower Road. Michelle always gives credit to her mentors, Patrick Collin, Anne Portier and Mic Moisseeff, for their willingness to give of themselves and impart their knowledge thus giving Michelle an understanding of health and healing that reaches beyond the classroom.

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