Flower Road


Flower Road’s Mission Statement

Flower Road’s Mission is to enhance the lives and health of Americans by bringing a mainstream understanding of the practical applications of clinical aromatherapy to the public through educational seminars, classes, workshops and high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oil products.

Michelle is currently working on her first book, Flower Road Formulas, which will provide comprehensive formulas and education for the many applications of essential oils for personal care, as well as the care of the home. She resides in Dallas with her three children and one English bulldog.

Our Commitment

Founded out of a genuine love and respect for plants and their healing properties, Flower Road Natural Therapies is committed to organic skin care of the highest integrity and purity. We passionately share our love and expertise of the healing wonders of plants with our clients. We are dedicated to only using the highest quality ingredients in our creams and elixirs with no additions of synthetics and/or preservatives.

Use Flower Road products with confidence and ease.