Flower Road


Michelle Bardwell

Michelle Bardwell is a fixture in the international aromatherapy community.

Michelle began practicing natural medicine in Dallas in the late nineties. Over the course of ten years, Michelle traveled back and forth from Texas to France to learn about naturopathy from the industry’s leading professors. Internationally recognized aromatologist Patrick Collin taught Michelle the clinical use of essential oils and hydrosols, while Anne Portier trained Michelle in manual lymphatic drainage, Bach Flower Essences and Oligotherapy. After garnering a comprehensive education through these world-renowned professors, Michelle founded Flower Road, an alternative health institute based in Dallas, Texas.

Michelle’s teachers played an integral part in her education and philosophy, but they also helped her to develop her signature approach. Flower Road’s unique method is based on the four Hippocratic temperaments and Pierre Francomme’s chart of the energetic properties of essential oils. This exclusive Flower Road treatment combines specifically chosen essential oils with traditional Swedish massage with the Vodder lymphatic technique. Flower Road also offers a line of organic, all natural, preservative-free skincare. Luxurious and effective, Flower Road skincare has been recognized by publications both locally and nationally.

In 2016, Michelle developed The 13 Botanical Formulas, a system that is truly the apotheosis of her aromatherapy education and experience. Each of these effective formulas is a unique mixture of premium grade essential oils designed to address specific physical and emotional issues as they relate to the Hippocratic Temperaments. Currently, she is working on a book that teaches individuals of all backgrounds how to discover their temperament, and use this revolutionary system to live a healthy, happy life.

Michelle has four children: three humans, and her favorite, a bulldog named Charm. Michelle lives and practices aromatherapy in Dallas, TX, and escapes to France whenever she can.