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Flower Road is a premiere destination for ultimate rest and rejuvenation. Each treatment has been specifically designed by Michelle Bardwell through decades of aromatherapy study and practice. All essential oils, carrier oils and skincare products used in Flower Road Treatments are organic and therapeutic grade. Each ingredient is safe, beneficial and specifically chosen to improve your individual health and well-being.

Hippocratic Aromatherapy Treatment: 90 min - $195.

Flower Road’s signature treatment is a combination of Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, and Flower Road’s 13 Botanical Formulas.

Before beginning the hands-on treatment, the Flower Road practitioner conducts a 20-min consultation to determine the client’s Hippocratic temperament, and any possible energetic imbalances that are effecting the individual. Once this is established, the practitioner is able to choose one or several of the 13 Botanical Formulas to best treat the client that day.

During the full-body treatment, the practitioner alleviates muscle tension, moves subterranean lymphatic fluid, and uses heat to optimize the skin’s absorption of essential oils and induce a deep relaxation. This service is appropriate for pre-op preparation, chronic health issues, stress management and for a general, proactive approach to health.

Face and Neck Lymphatic Treatment: 60 min - $145.

Flower Road’s Lymphatic Treatment is specifically focused on the face and neck area to move subterranean, lymphatic fluid that is clogged or stagnant. This treatment is beneficial for all individuals, but is most often used on those with chronic or acute nasal and sinus issues, or those recovering from cosmetic facial surgery. During this this treatment, the Flower Road practitioner will select one of the 13 Botanical Formulas to target the client’s specific needs.

Natural Health Consultation: 60 min - $110.

During this hour-long consultation, Michelle determines the client’s base Hippocratic temperament and recognizes any persisting imbalances that are effecting the individual’s overall health.

Imbalances such as weight gain, sleeplessness, and allergies arise from a variety of daily habits such as poor diet, chronic stress, lack of exercise and more. During your consultation, you’ll not only recognize your imbalances and their causes, but you’ll be given advice on how tap the breaks and reverse the effects. Depending on your temperament and needs, Michelle may advise the implementation of a cleanse, a new diet, a curated exercise regimen and the use of specific Flower Road Formulas to redirect your path to wellness.

The Flower Road Natural Health Consultation may be used as a stand-alone service, or can be used in combination with hands-on Flower Road treatments to achieve your desired results.


All essential oils, carrier oils and skincare products and custom formulas used in Flower Road Treatments are organic and premium grade.

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